Kaivala Yoga
Helping people live the life of their dreams.
Popular yoga teachers translate the word yoga....
Yoga is also an ancient forefather of a word used in modern English.
Yoga is the workshop of tools that we need to bring balance into our lives.


Our mission is to help

  you live your passion. 



In order to help you live your passion, we bring a balance of

Ancient Wisdom and Modern Technology.


We wish to bring the best of friendship to the table.


In order to find your tribe you need to find others with

a common interest, a common goal, and a common enemy.


Our lives need to be in balance.






Our common enemy is anything that brings our passion out of balance.


Our common interest is to help others find and pursue their passions.


Our common goal is to find and achieve balance with our passion.





Are you as crazy to live yoga as we are?