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Popular yoga teachers translate the word yoga....
Yoga is also an ancient forefather of a word used in modern English.
Yoga is the workshop of tools that we need to bring balance into our lives.
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 Kaivala Yoga. Helping people live the life of their dreams




Why Kaivala?


We all dream of living in a world where people help each other. In this world, we would be concerned about the welfare of the rest of our community and they would be concerned about us. Kaivala is about helping others. Kaivala is not a self-help program. Kaivala is a we help each other program. To help each other we need to Observe Without Judgement. Guilt, shame, and blame only stop people from reaching out for help and causes them to run away from help when it is offered.

Observation Without Judgement needs, to begin with the relationship that we have with ourselves so that we can more clearly Understand the world.



what is mindfulness



Mindfulness is Observation Without Judgement. This requires you to Observe the world without trying to understand or make a judgment of the world. Observation does not set precedence over understanding or judgment, what we are doing is separating these three for a length of time. The more time that separates these three aspects of being, the wiser the choice when a decision is made will be.


Observation is being aware of what is. Mindfulness is taking time to Observe so that you can create a clear understanding of the world. Once you understand yourself, the world, and events happening around you, mindfulness will help you see 99% of the time that there is no Judgement required. With this clear path of Observation and Understanding, any Judgement made will be correct and beneficial for all. Kaivala helps you find balance in your life by Understanding how to apply mindfulness, judgment and action in your life.


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On a balance scale you need to have equal weights on both sides of the scale. On one side of the scale you place a standard weight, and other side of the scale you place what you weighing. Judgement is heavy. Guilt, shame and blame carry an incredible weight. Judgment is like a teaspoon of matter from a collapsed star.  It weighs more than a million earths. To counterbalance this you will need to place a large amount of Observation Without Judgement on the other side. Kaivala helps you to increase your love, kindness and compassion for others which will counterbalance these heavy Judgments that burden us.


This was recognized by all great spiritual leaders of the past. Jesus said “My yoke is easy and my load is light.” And Patanjali spoke of yoga as “sthira sukham asanam.” (Yoga is being easy and observant.) As you can see Jesus is a Yogi! As you can see Jesus and Patanjali both understood life and the need to be balanced in life! Kaivala Yoga helps you use Observation Without Judgement to transform the difficult and burdensome things in life, and make them easy and light.  Yoga is about bringing balance into all aspects of life. If you are going to walk or stand in place, you need to have balance.


As you find stillness in sitting for periods of time this requires balance. If you wish to dance, run, or jump these require you to be in balance. In movement, in mental power, in spiritual strength we need balance. We need to be balanced between truth and emotions. Inhale and exhale, rest, work and play. Any time that we lose our balance in any of these different aspects, life will become difficult.  And if we do not find balance eventually we fall flat on our face. 



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We need to find balance between Science and Religion as they both have an equal importance in our life. Religion is always trying to prove itself right. Science is always trying to prove itself wrong. Religion is about observing events and processes in the world and coming up with a reason for the events and processes. Religion looks for proof to prove its theory correct. Science is about coming up with a theory about events and processes in the world, attacking the theory until it can no longer stand, and then coming up with a new theory, and attacking it again until it can no longer stand, and the scientist comes up with a new theory to be proven wrong and the process continues.

Religion is about stability and consistency. Science is about change and moving forward. For growth to occur in our lives both need to be in balance with each other. Anytime science resists change or does not allow its ideas to be challenged it becomes a religion. Anytime a religion changes their routine or program rapidly then it becomes science. In order to have balance, to achieve yoga in our lives we need to have stability and a foundation. This is what “Religion” does for us. To practice yoga, to bring balance to our lives we need to adjust and make changes for new information and discoveries. This is what “Science” does for us. How do we balance these two seemingly different ideas?


Today the world is rapidly changing, and what you thought you knew as fact is eroding. Human life expectancy is being extended to hundreds of years. Our transportation is rapidly changing to robotic vehicles. Our jobs are being lost to computers, AI, and machines. The concept of money is being revealed as a figment of our imagination;. Communication is becoming faster, more instantaneous and more available to everyone. We are instantly aware of more of the tragedies that are happening all over the world, yet we have no power to assist those in need. This is like looking out your front window seeing horrible accidents happen, people losing their lives all around you, yet you can’t open your door to help them. This creates great stress and anxiety.  We understand how you feel. The world is not as bad as we think. The world is not as wonderful as we hope.


Current media monopolies on the negative aspects of the world as this is how they get views and attention. Focus groups have found a person watching TV will scroll through the channels until they arrive at one where there is conflict and violence occurring. The person then stops and watches that show. If news channels want more viewers they air reports on conflict and violence to influence people to stop and watch their channel.

 NASA is developing systems for traveling the speed of light and faster. Geoengineers are discovering ways they can terraform other planets to make them habitable for human life. Scientists are also finding that we have an unlimited amount of air, food, and water on our planet. The principle of scarcity has been proven wrong. Economists are understanding that slavery is no longer needed, and no one needs to work. Economists are becoming anthropologists and anthropologists are becoming economists because they understand money is just about human interaction and without people money has no value. They understand poverty is merely a creation of human beings, and it is impossible to be poor unless another group of humans 
impose this poverty upon others.  As all our past ideas of reality are changing how do we deal with this?

How do we keep and maintain our balance? How do we find something to hold onto that is stable, and move forward with all the information and changes that are happening? The purpose of Kaivala is to help you bring balance in all these aspects of life. We have programs to help you maintain your physical balance. We have programs to help you maintain your balanced diet. We have programs to help you understand how money works, where energy comes from and how to get whatever you want. ...And we have programs to show you that food grows on trees. 

Just with any learning 
program we try to start out with examples that are simple and easy to understand, then we move onto more complex examples. You may feel that we have oversimplified much of this information, and you will be correct.

As when you are taking a physics or chemistry class they will show you a picture of an atom that looks like a copy of our solar system. This is not what an atom looks like nor is it how it functions. It is a model a beginner can understand and then they can move onto 
the more complex theories of how the atom works. So too is The Road to Kaivala Yoga.




Engage in the conversations. Find more yoga in your life, find more balance in your life. If you feel we are incorrect, we more than welcome your feedback.  

We probably have many things to learn from you. It's only by engaging in our community that we can understand ourselves and our world better. Your comments and opinions will help others to understand things from a different point of view. 

If you would like to be part of our tribe let us know what you think we can do for you. You are great and wonderful!