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The Foundation of Enlightment

What follows are 26 foundation principles that we will be building our road to Kaivala on. These will give you an idea of what will follow.     This course is designed to yoke you with the multiverse.  These lessons are to be done over a period of 26 weeks. Each of these lessons will be extended to 10 advanced lessons. This will give you 260 weeks of lessons or 5 years of advancement toward enlightenment.   The following lessons take time and commitment much longer than a week. Here a person is aiming at complete and permanent change in their lives. During the Samadhi classes the basics will be discussed and also the need for a routine will be discussed. The...
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The Road to Kaivala

These lessons are a collection of information to help you get to a higher level of understanding of yourself and of your fellow travelers. We stand on the shoulders of Giants. ...