Humans enjoy most what involves the most suffering. Consider everything that you could imagine you, your friends, and you enemies going on vacation and spending thousands of dollars doing.  Traveling long distances, eating more than you should eat buffets, not eating anything at all, climbing mountains, going into mountains, becoming reflective and spending time with yourself being bored. All of these things invovle tremendous amounts of suffering.  

What follows are 26 foundation principles that might as well be called passions. The word passion comes from pathos which means suffering. When we ask another "what is it that you are passionate about." We are really asking what is that they are ambitious to suffer for. We will be building our road to Kaivala upon these 26 principles which can be done at your own pace. We have plenty of material for you to go through so balance plenty enough time to sink in and find a consistent schedule to visit us and learn more about your passions.

This course is designed to give you complete balance. The first steps are very simple so you can understand the whole picture in a simple form before we get into the more detailed lessons. Each of the principles are progressive steps that gently become more complex, and long lasting.  We are here to support permanent change so that you have the habits in your life so that your life is fulfilling.  We thoroughly discuss the basics of balancing passion so routine cab be established with ease.

This is only the beginning. Many more classes, videos and other kinds of education will be offered. Eventually the students will reach true and will enter into service to others. The students will become teachers, mentors, and examples for others. For those who are ready for the step of certifications, we are ready to be assistance on your journey, to connect with the experts beyond our reach, to study the material needed to pass the tests you need for you licenses, certificates, and degrees.

Kaivala is a process not for everyone, and we are very grateful for your courage on this journey! We are excited to help you, and we think you are Great and Wonderful!!

What is Kaivala?

 There are three levels of enlightenment.

The first level of enlightenment is Nirvana. This is where we learn to disconnect from judgment, and clearly observe the world.

The second level of enlightenment is Samadhi. This is where we have gathered all of the knowledge about the universe.

The last of the three levels of enlightenment is Kaivala.

Kaivala is when we are completely connected, and we become of service.

Some of us are living our lives and trying to patch problems with Duct Tape. Let's make a permanent change! Join us on the road to Kaivala!

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