Why People Believe Wierd Things

Why do we believe in magic?

When our imagination creates everything around us.

We believe in magic men and women in the sky that are directing our lives.

These Gods, Goddesses, Fate, Astrology, Bankers, and Money are only creations of Humans.

When one skeptic was asked if he believed in life after death...His response was

I would like to but I have no evidence of this.

We have evolved brains that can create fantasies to explain the world around us.

These fantasies can protect us, drive us crazy, or expose us to scam artists.

We have thousands of different beliefs about what God is, and what God wants from us.

The same religion will have hundreds of different codes or requirements.

Even science can be hijacked and turned into a religion.

What is beauty? What is evil? What is good?

People that are a prime target of a scam artist

Victims of abuse. Mental, sexual, financial, religious, and governmental abuse.

These people are looking for salvation or relief from their suffering.

Loneliness makes them a target for false relationships. as soon as the abuser has their money they are gone.

They will give much need attention and romance(all fake)

People that have been abused by religion. They are offered a TRUE religion(always fake)

To gain the benefits of the true religion you must give money, absolute loyalty, and time.

People that are struggling in business. They are offered a deal of a lifetime. MLM, Secret patent, etc.

You must provide money and time to get involved with no guarantee.

Nigerian Prince that wants to give you 10 million dollars. For a fee.

Someone that wants to sell you gold as it is the most stable item.

Of course, they want your cash (which they say is worthless) for their gold (which they say is real money).

They will use past abuses by the government, Religion. or corporations to validate your fears.

They will claim that they are different. That they are the only one that has your best interest at heart.

Only increased learning and a wider knowledge base will help you.

Scam artists can be Politicians, Corporations, Desperate poor people, or Sociopaths.

Beware of the Politicians who say that government is evil. They ARE the government.

Beware of Religious Leaders you offer you a new religion. It is based on all the old religions.

Religion is always trying to prove itself right. Science is always trying to prove itself wrong.

When religion says they are open to change ( they are no longer a religion)

When Science defies scrutiny and change (They now have become a religion).




What is Kaivala?

 There are three levels of enlightenment.

The first level of enlightenment is Nirvana. This is where we learn to disconnect from judgment, and clearly observe the world.

The second level of enlightenment is Samadhi. This is where we have gathered all of the knowledge about the universe.

The last of the three levels of enlightenment is Kaivala.

Kaivala is when we are completely connected, and we become of service.

Some of us are living our lives and trying to patch problems with Duct Tape. Let's make a permanent change! Join us on the road to Kaivala!

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