This is the yoga of the mind. In particular the mastery of the mind.  Writers give this mastery of mind to Patanjali's yoga sutras as an excellent starting point for mastery of the senses.  The best I think for mastery of the senses in this day in age is the writings and the speeches of Krishnamurti a very simple man that spoke incredible inspiration to humans in a very filthy mental world.

Eight Limbs of Yoga


eight limbs yoga


On the left, we have an ancient goddess balancing all of the aspects of life. On the right, we have a modern-day goddess balancing all aspects and responsibilities of modern life. Ashtanga (eight limbed yoga) helps us to balance all of these different aspects of our lives so that we can become a completely powerful Goddess.


Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga literally means eight-limbed yoga. These eight limbs are…

Niyamas – The things that we need to observe and do with our own lives in the multiverse.

Yamas – The things out in the multiverse that we need to avoid.

Asanas – The way that we hold ourselves in the multiverse (postures).

Pranayama – The manipulation of energy in the multiverse (breathing, chi,…etc.).

Pratyahara – Being able to shut off the noise of our own mind and our senses (mindfulness).

Dharana – Single pointed attention (focus).

Dyana – Entering into flow states in a wide variety of circumstances (meditation).

Samadhi – Living your life in a flow state all of your life with a complete understanding of the universe.

Finally, we have Kaivala Yoga. This is jumping up and becoming of service to others. As the Beatles called it “The Fool on the Hill”.


What is Kaivala?

 There are three levels of enlightenment.

The first level of enlightenment is Nirvana. This is where we learn to disconnect from judgment, and clearly observe the world.

The second level of enlightenment is Samadhi. This is where we have gathered all of the knowledge about the universe.

The last of the three levels of enlightenment is Kaivala.

Kaivala is when we are completely connected, and we become of service.

Some of us are living our lives and trying to patch problems with Duct Tape. Let's make a permanent change! Join us on the road to Kaivala!

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